Christmas is the time of the year to make the people we care about feel extra special. A sign of gratitude, a nice memento or a positive, thoughtful gift – especially in the festive period this means so much more. And not just in our personal lives. Do you want to surprise your employees, relations or customers with a suitable Christmas gift? Our corporate Christmas gifts make every holiday memorable for years to come.
Leoprinting has been acting as corporate Santa for years. And with lots of success, seeing that our clients know how to find us when the festive period is upon us. Every year we come up with the perfect and original corporate Christmas gifts. Unique give-aways that suit your company and help you show your appreciation to the relations, people and customers that mean the most to you. Colourful Christmas socks printed with your company logo, branded smartwatches and tasty treats – or what to think about a Nespresso machine, completely designed in your companies corporate identity? In whatever way you want to spoil or appreciate your employees or business relations; hand us your wish list filled with promotional Christmas gifts and we’ll wrap it up!
Leoprinting is all about helping you find the best corporate Christmas gifts or give-aways to make Christmas unforgettable. That’s why we offer a special service where you stay in control. Make Christmas more personal by putting together your own tailor-made gift set. Wrap presents in branded wrapping paper, design customised packaging in the corporate identity of your company and hand out personalised Christmas gifts with your company logo. Make your own selection of a wide range of products for your gift set – such as board games, water bottles or wellness products – and let us take care of the delivery. Start celebrating and get your message across – the best way. Find out now how we take care of your personalised corporate promotion!
Do you really want to stand out with your company during the most wonderful time of the year? We’re here to make that happen. We provide corporate Christmas gifts for every budget. Discover our wide range of Christmas presents and order the perfect personalised Christmas gifts for your company today! Are you having a hard time thinking of the best gift? Or do you want to know more about how we help you make Christmas unforgettable? Our promotional specialists are here to help. You’re in charge of the budget, we’ll take care of the rest. Get your free quote now!

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