Magnetic Notes

Let your creativity go!

  • Statically charged sheets
  • Move and replace
  • Any surface
  • Glue-free

Magnetic Notes
This is a modern twist on sticky notes, which are super-charged with static instead of glue. They are great for taking notes and reminders, leaving messages, visualising tasks, mind mapping, working in teams and many other uses. Mangtic Notes give you the freedom to stick and slide your ideas anywhere of every surface. Tired of your sticky notes dogearing and falling to the floor? Problem solved! The Notes can be personalised by printing on the front and back of the cover and on the inside covers.

Smooth surface √
The front side of the Note is coloured and smooth, which enhances your handwriting and makes it more beautiful than ever before. After you finish writing, you can easily seperate the sheet from the notepad and stick it to any surface.
Statically and fully charged √
On ideal surfaces, Magnetic Notes can stick for several weeks up to several months. If the charge is lost, you can partially restore it by rubbing the Note against your clothes. 

Erasable back √
The backside is erasable if you use non-permanent markers. you can use your finger or a piece of fabric to erase the marker... It's like a sticky note and whiteboard in one!
Environmentally friendly √
Magnetic Notes are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.