Personalised Doppers

The bottle is the message

  • Sustainable water bottles  
  • Easy to take with you 
  • Exciting colour assortment 
  • Optional in Gift Box

Five years ago, the Dopper was born out of frustration about the fast-growing plastic soup with, among other things, PET bottles in our oceans. The Doppers are 100% recyclable and free from harmful substances, which makes the Dopper completely BPA-free. Thanks to the light materials and the capacity of 450 ml, you can easily take Dopper Original with you on the road, while exercising or use it at the office.  
With the purchase of a Dopper you not only get the ideal bottle for tap water, you also save unlimited for karma points because you directly contribute to less plastic waste and more clean drinking water worldwide. In addition, you drink healthy from BPA-free plastic bottles and your logo is in the spotlight every day!

The Dopper Original and the Dopper Solid Steel are popular giveaways during events, as a welcome gift for new staff and as promotional gifts. Choose the color of the Dopper that suits your business and have 36 or more Doppers printed with your logo or advertising message. Do you want to use the Dopper as a gift? Then opt for a luxurious Dopper Gift Package, fully customized to your wishes.  

All Dopper colours can be printed on the white ABS surface in up to 2 colours or in Full colour. The Dopper Solid Steel can only be printed in Full colour. 

Did you not find the ideal drinking bottle? Discuss the wishes with one of the sales team at Leoprinting and discover the possibilities. Or request a free quote today, you will receive a response within 24 hours!

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