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Since February 2019 IKEA shift their focus from 'Make room for life' to 'Get Ready for Life', where we will highlight on the activities of sleeping, storing clothes and shoes and getting ready in the bathroom. More of us are moving into cities with less space in our homes, while at the same time we own more clothes, shoes, and technology. The home becomes more important now than ever before. Home is where we feel safe and where we can be fully who we are. It is where we recharge and regain balance. It is where we get ready for life.

IKEA helps us with this by giving ideas and inspiration so you can make the most of your home. They've focused on a few areas that could always use a little extra attention: getting your clothes and shoes organized, having better nights sleep and solutions for getting ready in the bathroom.

In addition to online promotion, personalised Wire-O Notepads have also been used for this campaign. Handy for filling in your wish list, drawing a sketch of your ideal living space or simply making a note.

IKEA - Get Ready for Life