Blossombs are colourful, eye-catching seed bombs made domestically, filled with organic, wildflower seeds and 100% natural nutrients. Further developed and tested for fast germination and growth. Thanks to the unique production method, we can be the first in the world to offer these Blossombs cheaply and on a large scale to, for example, schools, foundations, and companies in a personalised environmentally friendly packaging. 
When you say Blossombs, you say colour and especially nature! Flowers are extremely important for the survival of our earth and all life on it. So throw the Blossombs seed bombs everywhere and give colour to your own neighbourhood: in your garden, in a pot on your balcony, on a vacant piece of land, bare verge or along the side of a ditch! Because the more flowers, the more food there is for the bees, butterflies, and bumblebees. All you must do is wait for a rain shower (or use a watering can) and the Blossombs seed bombs will do the rest! 
Do you also want to make the world a bit more beautiful and give a green business card via personalised Blossombs? Which can! All Blossombs packaging can be printed completely according to your wishes and come standard with a mix of 40 organic wildflower seeds per seed bomb. From letterbox gifts with a logo to small give-away packaging to egg cartons or burlap bags, every type of Blossom gift is available in a personalised way from 250 units!

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