Video & Print

The new way of presenting

Combine the power of video, sound and print through modern direct mailing in the form of a video brochure. Get to know a unique way of communicating and present your company video, instruction video or product presentation in an 'offline' brochure, card or packaging that is completely printed in your corporate identity.

How does a Video card work? 

As soon as the video card is opened by your staff, relations or customers, the video will automatically start playing. The Video Cards come with:

  • A micro-SD card for storing the video 
  • USB port for charging or replacing the videos 
  • Buttons for pause, resume and volume control 
  • Fully printed video card in your corporate identity 
  • Possible to send to an individual address list.

The benefits of Video & Print 

Now that travel is limited and events have been cancelled, the combination of video and print is the solution to keep the attention of relations and staff. 

With a video brochure you immediately attract attention and reach your potential customers rather than text or still images.

Video & Print at Leoprinting

In the design studio of Leoprinting, proposals can be developed, and you receive advice on both print and video, in short, you are completely unburdened during the entire process. We listen to the wishes and appearance that the video should have in print so that we realise the video card that will contribute to achieving your marketing goals. .

Would you like to know more? Request a quote right away or contact us!

Quick overview of the possibilities 

Which type of Video & Print suits your company depends on the objective that goes with it. There are endless possibilities to put together a video card:

LCD screen sizes
The razor-sharp LCD screen is available in sizes from 2.4 inches to 10 inches.

Choose from 128MB to 2GB for one or more videos that equates to no less than 50 minutes of video memory. 

Battery & USB
Equipped with a strong battery that lasts from 1.5 to 3.5 hours depending on the model and size. The battery can be charged via the supplied USB cable.

Via the USB cable it is possible to replace the video so that the video card can be reused! 


Looking for a video partner?

Are you interested in video cards to use for your company or advertising message, but don't have a video to use yet? Together with our partners, we can take care of the entire process of Video & Print. 

From script to voice over

Having a company film made is the way to be seen. Your message is translated into image and sound. Together, we provide a script, unique camera techniques and a professional voice-over that fits the desired look and feel to ensure that you stand out.

Want to know more about a professional corporate film? Then contact us directly to discuss the possibilities..

Video & Print in brochures

This popular video in print model is easy to ship and has plenty of communication space on both the inside and outside.

Video & Print in packaging

Would you like to process your presentation video or advertisement in packaging? This unique opportunity is often used for product launches.

Video & Print in displays

Add value to your display by adding a video. The combination of print and video comes into its own here perfectly.


Personal advice

Need help with a request, order or do you have another question? Get in touch with us!

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