These trendy products make life easier and more enjoyable for young urbans who are on the go a lot. The product line-up includes 'mobile essentials' to listen to your favourite music or to charge your phone. Did you know that each item is named after an urban and sunny travel destination in California, the home of technology and innovation? With gadgets from Urban Vitamin you are assured of the most up to date technology.

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Urban Vitamin makes products that are sought after by the generation of the future and made to be enjoyed for a long time. By using clean materials and working with responsible suppliers. When developing our products, we always make conscious considerations about materials and the life span of the product. Did you know that we have completely banished PVC from all our products, both on the inside and the outside? Our inner packaging is 100% plastic-free and made entirely of paper. If you wish to dispose of the box, please do so at your local recycling point.

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