At Leoprinting, we prioritize sustainability. Not only when it comes to the visibility of our customers, but also regarding our assortment. We are aware of our impact on the world now and in the future, and we continue to search for solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable assortment

In addition to conventional products, our assortment contains numerous responsiblerecycled business gifts and sustainable brands, like seed paper, seed bombs, seed bags, and grow kits, which contribute to greater biodiversity. 

By selling sustainable promotional gifts, like the sustainable IMPACT collection, we support the non-profit organization, which focuses on water conservation and global access to safe water and sanitation for all.

EcoVadis Sustainability Rating

Sustainability and CSR have high priority at Leoprinting. That's why we had our sustainability performance tested by EcoVadis: the world's most trusted provider of sustainability ratings. EcoVadis is independent and objective and focuses on improving companies' environmental and social practices. We are proud to say that we recently received a bronze EcoVadis label. This EcoVadis certificate shows that we meet the requirements of sustainable purchasing and that we thereby consider people and nature. On to gold!


Trees for All

Even though we attempt to take our impact on the environment, people, and society into account as much as possible in our business operations, it is difficult for some business units to operate fully sustainably. Therefore, we compensate part of our CO2 emissions as a partner of Trees for All. With the help of Trees for All, we plant more than 150 trees worldwide every year.


Make an impact with FSC

FSC certification is critical to ensure that products or materials - in our case, promotional products made from paper - come from responsibly managed forests. This way, we keep the global forests in good condition. FSC forests cannot be converted into soy or palm oil plantations, cattle ranches, or mining areas. If we choose FSC products, the forests can be managed appropriately and remain healthy.

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