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Our smartphone, tablet or laptop… We can’t live without them. Both professionally and personally we’re online, all the time. Whether we have to or we want to. All the swiping, liking, tapping and texting causes a well-known frustration: the batteries of our devices drain faster and faster. Are you on your way to work or travelling and can’t plug in your charger anywhere? That’s the moment the shock hits you. But it’s also the moment that your company can save the day. With branded power banks you give your customers, employees and relations the energy to keep on going.
Nowadays we know how to enjoy ourselves commuting to work on a train or during a long international flight. You no longer have to miss out on an episode of your favourite show, use your time travelling to put the finishing touches on that important presentation or quickly check your inbox. Everything is going smooth, until that dreaded notification pops up: *low battery*. Stop running for outlets and lose the fear of disconnecting during an important call. With a power bank at your side that frustration belongs to the past, because now you’ve always got some back-up power at hand. Do you want to use this essential gadget for promotional purposes? Spot on! With branded power banks your employees and customers are always connected. 
Our power banks are available in different sizes, shapes and currents. This way we offer a suitable solution for every modern-day ‘emergency’. We supply portable batteries with a capacity up to 20,000 mAh for you to provide with your company logo, slogan or corporate details. Whether you’re in the market for practical, pocket-sized chargers for small devices or looking for the big stuff to keep you going; with our branded power banks you’re never missing out on the action again. All power banks always include a USB cable.
Where many companies only provide personalised power banks, Leoprinting offers more. Much more. This way we always help you find the corporate and promotional gifts that suit you and your company. Do you want to add any products to your order of branded power banks? Let us inspire you. Personalise handy giveaways such as USB sticksspeakers or smart office gadgets. Together we’ll carve out the best promotional strategy for your company. With our extensive expertise in advertising we can provide you with tailor-made advice, whatever the business challenge you’re facing. Are you ready to make your mark? Take a look at our projects and get inspired!

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