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The way we work has changed indefinitely. In today’s world our smartphones and laptops are all we need to stay on top of business. Wherever and whenever, we’re never out of office. Staying online is of the utmost importance, there’s no time for an empty battery. A new technology meets all modern-day requirements of high-flying entrepreneurs. Wireless chargers charge smartphones and laptops faster than ever. Stop messing about with a cable that’s a bit too short and waiting impatiently until your device is up to speed again. Surprise your clients with the perfect accessory. Branded wireless chargers: power to your company.

Wireless charging is the new modern-day standard. All common smartphones, both iOS and Android, support this super-fast solution for charging-up. Wireless chargers convert mains current to alternating current, which makes charging cables a thing of the past. No matter where you are, with custom wireless chargers there’s always a charging station available. Leoprinting offers wireless chargers for all mobile devices – you can even charge laptops and iPad’s quickly and efficiently with our chargers. Are you looking for an innovative corporate gift that really benefits your customers? Branded wireless chargers power-up your promotion.
To be honest, we can’t stop talking about the benefits of wireless charging. No matter how much time and energy you’re putting in calling, sending emails or texting, with branded wireless chargers you don’t have to worry about a dying battery in the middle of an important conversation ever again. Leoprinting offers all current models for wireless charging. The main difference is the output of the chargers in our range: 5W, 10W and 15W. Most iPhones and Android devices support 5W charging, the newest generation of smartphones is also rechargeable with 7,5/10W. The higher the W, the faster you charge. The screen of your smartphone shows whether this function is available for your device.
In the car, on the train, working from you coworking space or during a business dinner; branded wireless chargers keep you online – all the time. Do you want to surprise your customers or employees with this modern-day necessity? We’re happy to show you what we have to offer. Charge-up for the day with a pocket-size charger on your nightstand or keep the energy flowing with a multipurpose mousepad that charges both phone and mouse. Is speed all you need? With fast-charging promotional wireless chargers (15W) you charge-up up to three times faster. Get your custom wireless chargers now and speed up your corporate promotional activities!

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