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It’s the most important tool for anyone that’s always on the move: a thermos flask. Let’s face it, where would we be without a good cup of tea or coffee in the morning… Do you want to invest in warm relationships with your clients and partners? Personalised thermos flasks are a tasteful promotional gift, that makes people warm up to your company or brand. Increase your brand awareness with promotional thermos flasks and become indispensable, all day – every day.
Whether you’re on the job all day long or off to the beach for a nice day out with your family; thermoses always come in handy. Do you want to work on promotion that warms heart and mind? Personalised thermos flasks are the unique answer to every promotional challenge. Fill up the flasks with coffee or tea in the morning for a great start of the day – in the afternoon thermos flasks offer all the refreshment you need to stay on top of your work. Thermoses keep hot drinks at the right temperature for up to 5 hours – water, soft drinks or other thirst quenching refreshments stay nice and cool for up to 15 hours.
Leoprinting offers a wide selection of thermos flasks in every shape, design and size. No matter whichever product you select, all of the printed thermoses are both stylish and convenient and a great promotional opportunity for your company. Whether you select the trendy and sporty Nordic bottles, the lightweight Olympus-thermos or sustainable thermos; when it comes to promotional thermos flasks Leoprinting always serves tailor-made solutions. Do you want your message to really stand out? Surprise your clients and relations with metal or stainless steel flasks engraved with a personal message.
In addition to personalised thermos flasks Leoprinting offers you loads of options to make sure you get your day of to a great start. Do you want to be the talk of the town in the company cafeteria? With our custom printed mugs and cups you take matters into your own hands. Have mugs, paper cups or tea cups printed with your company logo or corporate message and keep on pouring attention. Discover how we maximise your promotional efforts or take a look at our recent promotional projects and get inspired. Get your free quote today! Promotional thermos flasks, exactly your cup of tea.

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