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Provide your product with the unique packaging it deserves. You can do so much more with that boring box, plain envelope or colourless packaging. With Leoprinting you’re packing up and standing out. Our product packaging is a sight for sore eyes. Make name for your company, brand or product with stylish custom product packaging. Whatever you’re selling, we make sure the package it comes in is on par.
Have you ever noticed? Almost every order you receive comes in a clear, dull box. What did I actually order? And who’s it from? With custom product packaging your customers know exactly what to expect. Have gift boxes, paper mailing bags and mailer boxes printed with your company logo or design printed packaging in your corporate identity and get recognised. And no matter what you’re selling, packing or shipping, product packaging offers more than meets the eye. Good packaging ensures that every order arrives at the right address. Safely and unscathed.
Just like your product, packaging is made-to-measure. That’s why we offer the perfect package for every product. Whether you’re in the market for sturdy, luxurious shipping boxes or padded envelopes for fragile products, we’ll provide the right fit. Get to know our solutions for product packaging and shipping and create custom packaging with your name on it. Do you want to know more about how we provide our customers with the gift of perfect printed packaging? Take a look at our most recent projects and get inspired by our creativity for special deliveries.
To buy or not to buy. Did you know that product packaging can play a decisive role in a customers’ decision whether to buy your product or not? The right colours, clear information, attractive images: a little eye candy will go a long way. Leoprinting has passion for your promotion. We see custom packaging and printed packaging for what it is: a unique opportunity to inform, inspire and impress customers. Do you want to make name for your brand? Get in touch with our promotional specialists. We’re more than happy to deliver a fully customised promotional plan for your company.

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