If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the corona crisis, it’s that personal care and hygiene are more important than ever. We have to be extra vigilant in places where many people gather. Places such as the office, restaurants, but also when travelling by public transport. Leoprinting offers a wide range of the most important requirements for a safe and clean workplace: printed tissues and paper towels. Get your personalised tissue boxes now and offer your clients and co-workers a hygienic helping hand.
Using tissues while drying your hands and blowing your nose is the safest way to keep germs and bacteria at bay. While hand dryers in bathroom areas and shared hand towels at the workplace are a known bacterial habitat, paper towels are the responsible and smart alternative. The single-use tissues prevent a niggling cold or pesky flu from having free rain within your office or workplace. Do you want to help stop the spread of germs and at the same time make a name for your company? Grab hold of personalised tissues boxes. Before your know it your corporate message or company logo pops up at every desk.
Leoprinting has a nose for finding the proper promotion for your company. In our range you’ll find printed tissue box covers for every occasion and location. Get your hands on useful printed tissues to carry with you at all times or design your personalised tissue boxes with striking prints. Our endless creativity helps you find the right tissue for every issue. Whether you want to stock-up on paper towels at the office, in restaurants or during an event; our tissues boxes go hand in hand with promoting your company and investing in engaging relationships. Our designers are happy to stick their noses in your business and are specialised in creating custom solutions for your promotional desires. Get inspired by our projects and request a free quote today.
Assuring a clean and hygienic working environment starts with Leoprinting. In addition to personalised tissue boxes our range includes a wide variety of personal care products. Always keep hands clean with antibacterial gels, have facemasks printed with your company logo and ensure visitors keep a safe distance. Leoprinting keeps you squeaky clean, at work and while travelling. Would you like more information on tissue box covers? Or are you interested in our unique solutions for working responsibly? We’re happy to help. Your well-being is our main concern.

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