All Eco Bags

VINGA Sloane RPET backpack
  • From 10 pcs.
Cork Shopper bag
  • From 50 pcs.
Shopping bag with bamboo handles
  • From 15 pcs.
  • Made of organic canvas
Feltro XL RPET Shopper bag
  • From 75 pcs.
Royal RPET Shopper bag
  • From 150 pcs.
PromoNatural backpack
  • From 100 pcs.
Foldable Shopper Bag
  • From 100 pcs.
Eco bags are ideal for companies and organizations that want to propagate a social commitment with a green message. At Leoprinting, we are aware of the pollution that plastic entails, and therefore moving forward with reusable bags. The RPET Shopper is a very popular eco bag, a real replacement for the plastic bag. Can be folded, and therefore easy to carry in a handbag, jacket pocket or glove compartment. 
With the printed promotional ecological bags you help yourself to promote your corporate image in a sustainable way. Printed Eco bags are available from 100 pieces and are printed single or double sided up to 3 colors. Could you not find an eco bag? Ask us and we will look into the options! 
Are you interested in printing Eco Bags? Discuss your options with one of the Leoprinting employees and discover the possibilities. Or request a free quote today, you will receive a response within 24 hours! 

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