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Credit cards, debit cards, savings cards, loyalty cards, key cards; nowadays you’ve got your whole life in your pocket. Convenient, but there are some difficulties. Your wallet is bulging and let’s be honest – that’s not really comfortable, is it? More important is that your safety is at risk. Ruthless fraudsters benefit from our card culture and happily keep on skimming and stealing all our personal information. Leoprinting offers a suitable solution for this new wave of digital criminality: aluminium personalised card holders. Not only do the mini-wallets come in handy and offer protection for skimmers and criminal activities, they’re also easily customised and printed with your company logo or corporate message. The safe and perfect promotional gift for customers and colleagues.
You’ve probably already heard about it or maybe it’s even happened to you: skimming. By illegally copying data from debit and credit cards, fraudsters will run off with your hard-earned money in no-time - without you noticing until it’s too late. Unfortunately, electronic pickpocketing is becoming more common every day. However, we’re offering a safe solution. Our aluminium and leather card holders are equipped with RFID and NFC protection. These small chips block skimming equipment and prevent criminals from stealing your valuable payment information. Do you want to protect the personal data of colleagues, customers and relations? Write safety on the agenda with your company by handing out personalised card holders.
Card holders always come in handy. You do the math: how many times a day do you pull out one of your cards? With our card holders your keeping your cards to yourself – at all times. These indispensable accessories are easily transformed into promotional gifts that advertise safety and commitment. Get your personalised card holders printed with your company logo, corporate details or slogan and you’re guaranteed to be seen. Every single day. Our secured and stylish card holders are available in different designs. We offer aluminium and leather designs, as well as environmental friendly card holders made of cork
Are you looking for fun and useful giveaways to promote your company, brand or event in an original and unique way? Our range stretches far beyond personalised card holders and keeping your cards safe. At Leoprinting we offer you an extensive range of useful accessories, giveaways and promotional products, all of which contribute to getting your company name and corporate message out there. Do you want to stand out? We’re here to make that happen. Get inspired by our recent projects or get in touch with us for more information on how we promote your company.

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