You’ll find them anywhere and anytime and you can never have enough in stock. Sticky notes are essential products for all our daily routines. Writing down the best ideas during an inspirational brainstorm or just a quick note to self; with a memo pad on your desk or in your bag, you’ll never miss a message or an appointment again. Do you want your company name to pop up everywhere, every day? Personalised sticky notes with your company logo or details make your message stick.
Leoprintingoffers a wide range of sticky notes pads for every type of message. Convenientfor restaurants and bars, a must-have for office workers or a useful giveawaythat’s always appreciated. Handing out personalised sticky notes and custommemo pads to relations, visitors and customers, means working on promotion thatcatches the eye. We offer you various possibilities to print sticky notes padswith your company logo, company details, corporate message or a unique theme inany shape, style or size.
Obviously,the Post-it products are well-represented in our range of custom memopads and sticky notes pads. Do you have clear view on how you want to writeyour own corporate success story or create a lasting reminder of an event? Leoprintingensures that people remember your name. Personalised sticky notes or printedmemo pads with cover; at Leoprinting we always meet your specificrequirements. Find out how we make the most out of promoting your companyand take a look at our recent projects. Our tailor-made solutions andsuccessful campaigns will inspire you. Duly noted.
Creatingpersonalised and custom memo pads is just a small part of our overall approachfor the modern-day office. Alongside personalised sticky notes and printednotebooks, Leoprinting is a one-stop-shop for all office essentials andaccessories. Personalised calendars, writing pads and mousepads – we make sure that your company identity is presented in the rightway, down to the smallest detail. Do you want to know more about our passionfor promotion? Our specialists happily help you write the latest chapter onyour promotional activities.

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