We hereby introduce you to Brandbooks, making  your brand or company stand out and more exclusive.By communicating stories in combination with striking images, customers, relations and even employees can become involved in your brand identity

Exclusivity creates added value 

Leoprinting brings people, ideas and printed materials together to better communicate their products or ideal objectives in the market. We provide a personal approach. Our experience and technical background enables us to offer solutions that are tailored to your needs and budget.


Brandbooks create added value with a exclusive appearance that you can give with these items. It offers a perfect solution for advertising books, luxury magazines and catalogs in which products, services, projects or company stories are presented in a modern way


 Perfect for company and product introductions

 Distinctive from standard printing

 Expert in printing, one on one advice



Design Week catalog with luxurious finish.


Printed matter as a luxury item 


Whether it's conveying a corporate identity, company logo or advertising message with a striking and creative expression, everyone tries to stand out from the crowd.


Most people who hear the word print or printing immediately think of business cards, stationery or folders, but these products have already been overtaken by digitization. Nowadays printed matter has become a luxury item in which appealing finishing possibilities give an advertising book, magazine or catalogs a contemporary and exclusive look that will surprise the recipient. 


Direct contact


Advertentising potential


The advertising possibilities for the custom productions of brand books are endless. In addition to expressive types of printing techniques and finishing options, every detail of advertising books, luxury magazines and catalogs can be fully customized to increase the attention value of a storybook


Do you want to know more about the advertising options for your brand or company? Get in touch with one of our specialists and get advice without obligation!


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Vogue Magazine branding edition.


Linen cover with refined screen printing on the front and foil stamping on the back. 


Endless finishing possibilities


A catalog or brochure is often the most important sales tool for your company or organization. Therefore, quality printing and processing are very important.


At Leoprinting we advise on every conceivable cover material for every type of printing. In addition to printing a storybook cover, there are even more possibilities to make an (extra) communication statement in the form of a house style, logo, campaign or other expression. Examples include a banderole (paper wrapping), a gift box or a sleeve


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Brandbooks Cases

Major international brands and companies have already proudly used various Leoprinting products and services. For example, together with Jägermeister we developed a brand book with all authentic herbal liqueur recipes in a leather cover, a luxury finished magazine was made for Design Week and we made an informative book full of architectural highlights.


Do you want inspiration or are you curious about what other companies have chosen? Then quickly view our projects page.


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Brandbook with architecture photography.. 


Design studio and machinery park. 


Printing on Demand and Bookbinding 

Advertising books, as we know them today, come in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, thin, thick, colorful and black and white, bound and glued. With or without a cover, a laminate, vinyl, leather bound, with rounded corners, etc. We produce all this and much more in our printing house. Where your wishes are most important.


In the design studio of Leoprinting, various proposals can be worked out for you and you will receive advice on printing techniques and graphic support. We add our unique knowledge to your idea. You will be completely unburdened during the entire process, avoiding unnecessary costs.


Brandbooks and Sustainability


Sustainability is of paramount importance at Leoprinting. For the production of brandbooks we use various certificates with the following meanings. 


 We comply with the environmental management system according to the standard ISO 14001: 2004.

 All materials meet European environmental compatibility standards.

 All our printed matter can be produced with FSC® or PEFC certificate.

 We pay attention to emission reduction..

 Waste is sorted and processed ecologically by authorized companies.







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