To celebrate something, to thank someone or just to show your appreciation. There are many occasions for a business gift. Nowadays the trend and focus is very much on the usability and durability of a gift, and rightly so. Choosing the right business gift is therefore essential!

Gifts at home addresses, an unforgettable moment!

The extra value of a business gift lies in the logo and the message that is added. Especially now it is important to express extra appreciation to your customers and employees. Leoprinting offers a full service in this respect. 

We can print any gift completely according to your wishes, provide it with personal names, wrap it in gift paper and optionally even deliver it all the way to your home in a personalised gift wrapping to make it an unforgettable gift.

  • Unique item(s) branded entirely to your wishes
  • In your own personalised packaging
  • Optionally delivered to home addresses
  • Watch the video to explore the possibilities 

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Personaliseren met persoonsnamen


Adviseer mij hierover

Personaliseren met persoonsnamen


Adviseer mij hierover

Personaliseren met persoonsnamen


Adviseer mij hierover


Name it!

Celebrating an anniversary, a diploma or a promotion is a memorable moment. Make a gift even more personal by placing the name of the recipient or a specific text on the product or sleeve. 

How does that work? Very easy! We offer individual personalisation or so-called "Variable Data Printing" (VDP) on many items in our range that can be decorated. Advise me on this.

Advise me on this

Sleeve and Packaging solutions

A personalised sleeve improves the perceived value of a product and offers an even better opportunity to emphasize the company or event message! Spreading the message has never been easier.

Unique, stylish and unforgettable packaging. Ideal for events or other occasions and easy to realise in just 3 steps:

  1. Select a product from the selected items 
  2. Design your own sleeve (Graphic support possible)
  3. Send in your artwork and we create your own packaging!

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Your gift in your own style

You would like to make it something special that belongs to the occasion of the giving moment. Now you have the opportunity to let us take care of this important detail in the form of a gift wrapped in gift wrap.

  • Choose from 6 different designs (see below) 
  • Completes your gift completely
  • Service that takes care of 100%

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Shipping by address or to one location

There are two options to hand over your products:

  • Have your chosen products sent to 1 address and distribute them to your employees at an event.
  • Would you rather have us take care of everything for you? We can also send your personalised products to all individual recipients. All we need for this is an address list provided by you!

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Personal advice

Need help with a request, order or do you have another question? Get in touch with us!

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