Personalised Merchandising

Everyone has something of Merchandise at home. The power of Merchandising is tremendous, in addition to extra turnover, more and more people will feel connected to the brand. Leoprinting has years of experience in this type of branding. 

We put together a selection of items that your 'fans' can buy in the store or webshop, or receive as gifts when buying other products. In collaboration with our specialists, we are able to give substance to your concept.

Endless possibilities

For merchandise, branding or your own clothing line you've come to the right place. Our assortment is unlimited, and what we don't have, we can make it custom made! If desired, we can also take care of your entire e-commerce process, including fulfilment.

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Merchandise in all shapes and sizes

Merchandising comes in many different options. Think of items like key rings, notebooks, diaries, water bottles or printed textiles like tote bags, hoodies or T-shirts. 

Each type of Merchandising has its own goal, that's why we listen to the wishes and appearance that the Merchandising needs to get in order to achieve the goals.

Stylish designs and expert advice

Don't have a clear picture of the items you're looking for yet, but are you playing with the thoughts to start using Merchandising? The specialists at Leoprinting will be happy to help you in a no-obligation consultation.

Would you like to know more? Request a quote straight away or contact us!


Personal advice

Need help with a request, order or do you have another question? Get in touch with us!

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