Submission specifications

Please take into account a couple of general submission specifications in order to create a print-ready file. Having difficulties designing your artwork? Leoprinting gladly helps you to ensure a professional print result.   

How to submit my files? 

Please submit your files to Leoprinting in one of the following three ways:  

  • E-mail: you can send us files up to 10 MB by email.
  • WeTransfer: files up to 2 GB can be sent to us with WeTransfer. 
  • Website: you can upload files up to 15 MB (PDF, EPS or Ai) when ordering directly on our website. It’s also possible to submit PNG or JPEG files of at least 1500 px. These files will be converted. 

Files are always checked by our studio, free of charge. Our studio will correct any possible errors and inform you about any corrections. 

File format

Leoprinting advises you to submit your artwork in a PDF or EPS file format. PDF files can be created in Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. 

Do you only have a PNG or JPEG file or no artwork at all? Our studio gladly takes a look at the possibilities. We also love to hear your ideas if you don’t have any artwork at your disposal.

Text, photos and illustrations

Texts should preferably be submitted in outlines, either as an Ai, EPS or PDF file. If a technical correction is necessary, our studio will take care of this and inform you of any changes. 

Photos and illustrations should be submitted at 300 DPI, preferably in CMYK. 

Bleed and safe zone

By setting a correct bleed and safe zone, you will prevent losing valuable information during the trimming process. The bleed is the margin being used during trimming. Mostly, a bleed of 3 mm should be added to the artwork.  

For the same reasons, text or logos that are located close to the edge of the artwork need a safe zone. Depending on the kind of product, we will use a safe zone of 5 mm. 

Colour systems

Files can be submitted either in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key), also called full colour, or in PMS colours (Pantone Matching System). When using PMS colours, we need to receive a colour code, so we can print them exactly like requested. If an RGB (red, green, blue) file has been submitted, it will be converted into a CMYK or PMS file by our studio. This may cause a slight colour difference. 

In need of more information? Don't hestitate to contact us by via e-mail, call +44 20 3608 1945 or ask us your question on our LiveChat. We are happy to help!

Personal advice

Need help with a request, order or do you have another question? Get in touch with us!

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