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Promotional products are perfect corporate gifts and ideal for conveying your corporate identity and product or company presentations. Leoprinting offers a wide range of printing possibilities on your product of choice

We provide much more than the numerous products on our website. Present us with a creative promotional idea and we will produce it. By agreement you can even deliver your own product. Leoprinting masters the process from start to finish, from idea to creation.

Besides printing on a product there are many more possibilities to communicate your corporate identity, logo or campaign. What about using a bellyband, gift box or an additional product?

Looking for inspiration or curious to know what we produced for other companies? Please feel free to browe our project page.

Offset printing
The most commonly used printing technique for paper products and high print runs.

Digital printing
Compared to office printers, but on a larger scale. Applied for lower editions or for personalized printing.

Debossing and Embossing are two techniques used to either impress or depress an image into paper. Both are popular and are great for giving your print piece a fresh, contemporary feel. 

Foil printing
With this technique, a foil is applied by means of a cliché. The foil is pressed onto the surface with heat. This foil is available in various colors.

Screen printing
This technique is applied in PMS colors on ready-made notebooks and other already produced promotional gifts such as paper bags.

Tampon printing
For round surfaces such as pens. Most comparable to a stamp, where each color must be applied separately.

The modern way of traditional engraving, very precise and with more possibilities.

This technique is suitable for towels, work clothing, other textiles and can even be processed on notebooks.

Debossing with transparent foil
In addition to a deboss, this technique also includes a transparent foil layer for an extra luxurious appearance.

Transfer printing
A technique for printing textiles. The advantage is that the dye penetrates deep into the fiber during this process.

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