Do you want to promote your company logo, corporate message or catchy slogan even when it’s raining cats and dogs? Branded umbrellas are a great advertising opportunity and offer maximum exposure and valuable promotion in every situation – especially during typical British weather. At Leoprinting you can order promotional umbrellas in all types and colors, ensuring your company name is out there for everyone to see. Printed umbrellas are the go-to giveaway during tradeshows and handy – much appreciated – promotional gifts for customers and relations. Discover the versatility of this useful indispensable accessory and make it rain referrals.
A spontaneous thunderstorm or stormy autumn weather can seriously ruin your day – as well as your hairdo. Everyone has been in the same situation, quite often more than once. After a long day at the office, a tasty dinner party or in an overly crowded train. Upon arrival you find a safe place for your umbrella to dry out... of course forgetting to take it with you when you leave. The moral of this story: there’s always room for more umbrellas in your household or office. Leoprinting likes to think in terms of smart solutions and unique promotional products. Branded umbrellas to share your product, logo or message are a good example of our one-of-a-kind solutions for your business.
Whether you’re looking to print umbrellas with a logo, share an inspiring message on branded umbrellas that brings a smile to peoples faces or just want to delight relations that mean a lot to you with a useful giveaway; promotional umbrellas are always appreciated. Telescopic umbrellas and golf umbrellas with unique designs, the ingenious storm umbrellas – which keep you dry even in the most challenging weather conditions: Leoprinting’s range of printed umbrellas always offers the brolly that suits your company or promotional event. In our selection of ‘rain gear’ you’ll also find rain ponchos with handy storage pouches or storage bags. Easy to carry with you wherever you go and also a unique product you can purposely provide with your company logo or corporate message.
Ordering umbrellas with logo at Leoprinting is like a – dry – walk in the park. In just a few simple steps you select and design your printed umbrella. Choose the umbrella to your liking and indicate the number of brollies you want to order. You can then upload the digital files and immediately request a quotation. Is there no suitable artwork available or are you looking for a new, unique design? Our graphic specialists are happy to support you in designing and developing corporate displays. Do you take us up on our offer for branded umbrellas? We’ll send you the order conformation and digital proof and start developing your company’s umbrellas right away.

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